Our team

42 was built to be different. An alternative to the large agency. We are a collective of design-obsessed digital junkies, based in Rostov-on-Don. Our focus is to create new interactive experiences for users; striking the perfect balance between usability and aesthetic. We seek to push creative and developmental boundaries, while bringing ambitious ideas to life.
  • Boris Adimov
  • Eugene Taktarov
    Teamlead, Fullstack Developer
  • Sergey Paluy
  • Vitaliy Galaychuk
    Middle Backend Developer
  • Artyom Irza
    Senior Backend Developer
  • Margarita Popova
    UI/UX Lead
  • Evgenia Skorik
  • Ivan Markov
    Middle Frontend Developer
  • Denis Pelevin
    Middle Frontend Developer
  • Arseniy Adimov
    Middle Backend Developer
  • Igor Bostan
    Middle Backend Developer
  • Emil Karamanov
    Middle Frontend Developer
  • Kirill Zhaborovskiy
    Middle Frontend Developer
  • Dmitriy Nichyushkin
    Backend Developer
  • Victor Ivanov
    Frontend Developer